Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies 2024-05-21T15:09:58+08:00 CSPC-CRD Research Publication Management [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p>The <strong>Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies (JEMDS)</strong> is a high quality, open access and international refereed journal which aims to publish original research papers, short reports, reviews, and case studies related to broad areas of disciplines, including Education, Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Environment and Natural Resources, Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Management, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Development Management, and Gender and Development. This also covers multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies on sustainable development in regional, national and global perspectives.</p> <p><br /><strong>Print ISSN: </strong>2782-9413<br /><strong>Online ISSN:</strong> 2799-0583<br /><strong>Frequency: </strong>Quarterly<br /><strong>Review Type:</strong> Double-blind Review<br /><strong>Submission Link: </strong><a href=""></a></p> Towards Teaching Purposive Communication in the World Englishes Context: Perspectives of Philippine ESL Educators 2023-05-24T11:14:47+08:00 Marlon Pontillas [email protected] <p>This mixed-method approach of the study explores the learning outcomes, topics, and assessment methods of Purposive Communication instructional materials in the World Englishes context. Also, it determines the suggestions of Purposive Communication lecturers/instructors in integrating the course into World Englishes. Through Google form, 72 respondents took part in the study. They are all language teachers and are currently handling Purposive Communication in the Philippines' Private/Public Higher Education Institution. The results showed that the respondents are aware of World Englishes concepts and are practicing those concepts in their classroom. However, they have suggestions to publishers/authors of Purposive Communication to integrate other varieties of Englishes in each topic. The researcher suggested that other language courses in the Philippines be evaluated to form a holistic paradigm of World Englishes in the Philippine curriculum.&nbsp;</p> 2024-07-01T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies Examining Principals’ Practices of Participative Management in Primary School Governance: A Case Study of The Tshwane-West District 2023-10-12T12:36:07+08:00 Saltiel Khololo Collen Mataboge [email protected] Vimbi Petrus Mahlangu [email protected] <p class="extension-adhd-reader-p">This article aimed to investigate how much participatory management techniques aid in enhancing primary school governance. The main question of this article is, “To what degree do principals practice participative management in primary schools’ governance in the Tshwane-West District?’’ In this article, the quantitative methodology was applied. Information on the post-positivistic and interpretivist viewpoints was gathered via a questionnaire. The information in the questionnaire was strengthened by thoughtfully applying the knowledge gleaned from the literature review. A pilot study was conducted to validate the questionnaire. The triangulation of data from sources like literature reviews and questionnaires was the main method of reliability used in this study. All primary school principals (n=98) in the District of Tshwane-West area of the Gauteng Province of the Republic of South Africa made up the research population. The data were defined using the quantitative approach, which comprised explanatory techniques, inferential statistics like factor analysis and Cronbach's alpha coefficient, and descriptive statistics like frequencies and mean scores.</p> 2024-07-01T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c)