Visualization and Geo-Mapping of Philippine Fire Incidents


Fire Incident
Graphical Information System
Geospatial Analysis
Decision Making

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Oñate, J. J. (2022). Visualization and Geo-Mapping of Philippine Fire Incidents. Journal of Engineering and Emerging Technologies, 1(1), 15–23.


A fire incident is one of the most catastrophic calamity bringing injuries, loss of properties, and casualties. In the Philippines, a rapid increase in fire incidents was recorded from 2013 to 2016. In this paper, we explore the importance of data visualization and analysis in extracting useful information that might help in planning and decision-making. This study used the 2012–2016 Philippine Nationwide Fire Incident Statistics data provided by the Bureau of Fire Protection through Open Data Philippines. Data cleaning and reprocessing were conducted to develop a dynamic system known as FireStatPH using Flask. Different data visualization techniques such as choropleth map were also used in the study to represent each dataset. FireStatPH can easily identify the cities and municipalities with high fire incidents, injuries, deaths, and damages. It also provides fast statistics based on fire incident data. The system contributes to the planning and decision-making process in eschewing fire incidents in the Philippines.


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