Awareness and Acceptability on the Institution’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Quality Policy in One State College in the Philippines


Goals and Quality Policy

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Escolano, E. (2021). Awareness and Acceptability on the Institution’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Quality Policy in One State College in the Philippines. Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies, 1(2), 10–24.


The Vision, Mission, Goals and Quality Policy serve as concrete guides for the future of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges. This descriptive survey research determined the means of promoting and disseminating the VMG and QP, and the extent of awareness, acceptability and internalization of the stakeholders on the institution’s VMG and QP. Data were gathered through questionnaire distributed personally to 1,033 respondents. Finding showed that there are various means of promoting and disseminating the VMG and QP. The respondents show that their perceptions along VMG and QP are highly aware, highly acceptable and highly internalized. Also, result shows that there is no relationship between the respondents’ level of awareness and level of acceptability, and there is a difference between the perception of internal and external stakeholders in terms of awareness, acceptability and internalization. Measures to enhance/sustain the level of awareness, acceptability and internalization of VMG and QP is to intensify dissemination through various modes: print and non-print media.


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