Effectiveness of Home Visits by Public Health Workers in Maternal and Child Health in Naga City


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Licup-Periña, L. (2023). Effectiveness of Home Visits by Public Health Workers in Maternal and Child Health in Naga City. Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies, 3(2), 48–63. https://doi.org/10.52631/jemds.v3i2.209


This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of home visits conducted by public health workers (PHW), specifically public health nurses and midwives, in promoting maternal and child health in Naga City. The study utilized a descriptive research design with 45 purposively selected PHW (22 midwives and 23 nurses) as respondents. The majority of the 45 respondents were female (91.1\%), aged 28-57 years old, and had been serving for 1-10 years. Most of them (33.3\%) served up to 1,000 families, while only a small percentage served more than 3,000 families. Only one respondent fell within the youngest age group of 18-27. A survey questionnaire was used as the primary research instrument, which contained three parts: the respondents' profile, the effectiveness of home visits on maternal health, and the effectiveness of home visits on child health outcomes. The gathered data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and the results showed that home visits by public health workers are perceived to be effective in improving maternal and child health outcomes across various domains. However, there is still room for improvement in addressing maternal mental health issues economic needs, and reducing delays in seeking medical care. The researcher proposed a needs assessment nursing intervention to identify the specific healthcare needs of Naga City women, improve the delivery of home visits by Public Health Nurses and Midwives, and eventually enhance maternal and child health outcomes in Naga City.



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