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Terano, H. J. (2023). Editor’s Note. Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies, 2(2). https://doi.org/10.52631/jemds.v2i2.214


Introducing and welcoming everyone to Volume 2, Issue 2: June 2022 of the Journal of Education, Management, and Development Studies (JEMDS) is an honor. Upholding our function as a whole element of the institution, we aim to work on publishing articles with relevant content. Our top priority in the publication is research that provides a wide range of new ideas and is development driven.

We have five articles to showcase to our readers and researchers in this issue. As we published this journal, we aimed to be diverse, and this time, we offer practicable articles from economic, social, and environmental perspectives. Of course, this was compiled with the assistance of the respected reviewers. With the Editorial Board, I hope to provide details on the concept of viewpoints from trade and industry, community, and environment. My sincere thanks to all the people behind this journal.

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