Adopting Natural Host Immune Response Against Zoonosis



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Helisa, Y. N. ., & Winangkoso, H. . (2022). Adopting Natural Host Immune Response Against Zoonosis. Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies, 2(1), 52–66.


Zoonosis originated from the transmission of pathogens between species. Rapid mutation causes the pathogens to develop resistance to treatments. Thus, there is an urgent need for medications that could maintain efficacy when encountering new strains. This study aims to discern the possibility of overcoming threats from EIDs by recreating immune responses of natural hosts and reinforcing them in the human system. The methodology used is literature study, as the resarcher utilized data presented by similar studies. References will be taken from clinical trials and studies on related topics from PubMed, ResearchGate, and NCBI. Within multiple research papers, it was found that several experts support the idea of mimicking hosts' immunity through the use of interferon. Treatments with IFN-2b significantly reduce viral infection of SARS-CoV-2 in the upper respiratory tract and increase blood levels of inflammatory markers, according to research conducted in Wuhan. Similar results apply in other trials, proving that interferon managed to contain the invasion of pathogens. This is shown through a reduction in the severity of infections, the duration of viral clearance, and levels of mortality. The results conclude that the use of interferon benefits the patient’s recovery progress by mimicking the natural host’s immune response and heightening the viral clearance rate. More research needs to be done to explore the effect of excessive IFN-$\alpha$/$\beta$ usage on immunity.


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